Learning about India

I think one good thing about the Hindraf affair is the highlighting of India amongst all Malaysians. Before this, India as a country is relatively less well known to Malaysians compared to China.

Of course, India is well known for Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood and other genres of films which are based from the South Indian Sub-continent. But apart from that, to many Malaysians, India remains a mystery. Of course for many Malaysian Indians, they dearly love India; and thus they have a high degree of awareness about India.

As highlighted by the Hindraf affair, India is a country in which all Malaysians must be cognizant of. India, like China is a regional power. Its strength military and economic wise are expected to grow hand in hand with further economic development.

As I have written elsewhere, India has a history of interfering in the affairs of foreign countries. However, in the past this tendency is limited to countries in the South Indian continent. I think, just like China, India will also exert its strength outside of what has been commonly known as her sphere of influence i.e. Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Maldives once her economy has grown into such a stage whereby she acquire more military assets and capabilities to project her power externally in a meaningful manner.

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We should all learn about India – After all India is a regional power.


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