Happy Holidays and A Prayer to Democracy

So what do you do during holidays?

Well… many things… that is…. many things other than spending time in front of the computer updating this blog.

And that is what I am going to do during the holidays….

So, today will be the last time I am updating this blog for the year 2007. I wonder what will I write….

Looking back at my previous entries (in the past few weeks), I think I have a lot to say and a lot to elaborate and to follow up upon…. However, I think that for some of those entries, the follow up will spoil my holiday mood. I don’t think I want to make any overt political statements before going off… It just would not be right, especially in view of the current situation in Malaysia.

Also for some other entries, the materials are too ‘heavy’ or too involved.

Therefore for today, I think I better do my entries in this way:
My main entry will be a follow up of the legacies of colonialism. In the first instance these entries may seem a bit serious; but I have written it in such a way as to be light-hearted and more casual. There are three parts of this entry:

Hegemony of the “Fair Skin – European Looks” Beauty Concept I

Hegemony of the “Fair Skin – European Looks” Beauty Concept II

Hegemony of the “Fair Skin – European Looks” Beauty Concept III

I will also write something about Tabu, I have featured her before in this blog. But because she was my favorite actress when I was a teenager, I have decided to honor her in a “special way”. See this post for more of Tabu – Tabu from Raasaleela Website . Also don’t forget this post too – Something About Tabu.

Finally, I will take this opportunity to inform readers that I will always pray for Democracy.

Vive la démocratie !

So enjoy my entries and I wish you: All the Best!!!

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