Hegemony of the “Fair Skin – European Looks” Beauty Concept III

I hope readers will be amused with my collection of pictures in the previous posts. I know, these actresses are pretty… but some how…some of them are seen to be prettier than others…

And it is also likely that the colour of skin and the similarity to the “European looks” define what is beautiful and what is not.

I had the opportunity to browse the websites in which I took those pictures with a girl…. She is a Malaysian of Indian/Punjabi descent. It seems that she prefers those actresses with fair skins more…. Well…. I haven’t solicited any other girl’s opinions….. via the same method….but from my discussions over the years….I think that at least for Malaysians, the opinion is that – fair skins and European looks are preferred by quite a few of us. Remember…at one time there was this thing about the so called Pan-Asian look?

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An epitome of beauty?

Picture Credits: Lauren Nelson @ www.santabanta.com

I have to admit, that after giving some thoughts, the preference of having a fair skin is complex. On one hand – preferences should be left to the individual. Hey… does it really matter to society if a person with a dark skin develops a preference for having a fair skin? That is his or her business… right???

But then I could not hide my puzzle as to why such preferences even exist. After all …those white –fair skinned colonialists had so long subjugated us – the darker skinned people…..to accept that they are superior to us in almost all aspects. These colonialist try to make our grand-fathers, grand mothers and even fathers and mothers believe that white people are better than non-whites….

And then… much worse… the preference for having a fair skin has been turned into a marketing tool…… basically the concept of beauty is being marketed as people that have fair skin and some European features……. This marketing promotion has twisted the concept of beauty…. Basically beauty should go “international”…and this can be attained if one has a fair skin and some European/ Caucasian looks or features.

Well…. So much of all these talk about nationalism and independence…..

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