2008 – The Year of Cleavages…

Well, well…. the New Year is now over. There was a huge firework show in Sydney on the 31st. The first was at 9pm and the last one for the day was at 12 am. Of course, the last one for the 31st of Dec is also the first one for the 1st of January 2008.

I wonder how people in KL celebrated the New Year…

Anyway… I have read the Malaysiakini wish list for 2008. Its quite simple, Malaysiakini wished that:

2008 will see some progress in our struggle for press freedom, advances in the protection of human rights, and greater transparency in governance

Happy New Year from Malaysiakini

Now that is a wish. But what about what may happen in 2008? In other words, do people in Malaysiakini have crystall balls???

I think that 2008 will be the Year of (More) Cleavages in Society. Now, I have discussed a little bit about cleavages in society in this entry – Cleavages in Society and the Concept of Democracy. The concept of cleavages in society is obviously multi-dimensional and complex, so I won’t claim that my discussions are complete or thorough.

So today, there is one dimension of cleavage in Malaysian society that I wish to discuss. This cleavage concerns the Malays and their relationship with other ethnic groups and also with other issues with regard to democracy and freedom of expression.

So, my dear readers, enjoy my entries for today:

The Angry Malays…and Malay Bashing in the Internet Part 1

The Angry Malays…and Malay Bashing in the Internet Part 2

The Angry Malays…and Malay Bashing in the Internet Part 3

Hey Malingsial ! Emang Lu Sialan!

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