Cleavages that makes you…

It is said that one crucial test of democracy is the acceptance or tolerance of views and expressions that one does not like. This is easier said than done. Even in the PPS (Project Petaling Street), this idea (or ideal) has sometimes produce interesting observations. And so I happen to stumble upon 2 blog postings.

The first is by ShadowFox. He is irritated by the so called gay blogger who…

who like to show us pics of his buttbuddies and recently, gay pedophile bloggers

Petaling Street is not Chow Kit @ ShadowFox

And of course, this gay-blogger Cedric Ang gave a reply:

Funny because this particular someone claims that he is not against homosexual people but calls homosexual people as ‘faggots’. Bear in mind that the more homosexual out there, the less competition you have, if you get my drift.

One could twist the situation on the other hand, and when it comes to surfing for porn for heterosexual, these bigots are all okay about it because it was the right thing to do

Ping to PPS, is that right to do? @ Cedric Ang

Well, well, well…. I tell you what. I can’t say too much about this issue. All I can say is that I sometimes wonder what are the limits of freedom of expression and the freedom of speech. These two concepts are the main pillars of democracy.


As indicated in the previous entry, today’s set of entries has the common theme – cleavages in society. I also indicated that the concept of cleavage is complex and multidimensional.

So, in this spirit I am posting some pictures of a beautiful lady – Aarthi… or is she Sarika?  I found her pictures in the website I think this is a wonderful website and I would like to encourage readers to visit that site.

Aarthi (2nd part) @ moviemirror

Aarthi (2nd part) @ moviemirror

Aarthi (2nd part) @ moviemirror

Aarthi (2nd part) @ moviemirror

I suppose some people may be offended by these pictures. Now, what can I say. I suppose that is democracy and freedom of choice and also freedom of expression…. Or is it so?

I sometimes wonder what are the limits of freedom of expression and the freedom of speech…?

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