Hey Malingsial ! Emang Lu Sialan!

To tell the truth, the so called Malay Bashing phenomena is not just the issue between Malays and non-Malays in Malaysia.

Lately it has taken an international flavour.

Of course, the well read Readers can never forget Hindraf’s claims about being badly treated, in particular the usage of the term ethnic cleansing. So in a way, Hindraf has “internationalised” the Malay Bashing phenomena.

However, this campaign has also being conducted by some Indonesian bloggers.

See this blog – Malingsial – Malaysia Maling Asia. I got to know this blog through Malaysiakini, which on one day highlighted this blog.

And Readers can read this intro:

Malaysia adalah sebuah negeri yang sangat rasis, zalim dan tidak demokratis. Media massa di Malaysia dikendalikan pemerintah kerajaan Malaysia, sehingga yang diberitakan selalu saja tentang indahnya Malaysia. Padahal kenyataannya sangat jauh dari yang digambarkan.Anehnya, warga Malaysia mau saja ditipu pemerintahnya sendiri. Mereka merasa nyaman dengan kemakmuran yang masih sedikit itu. Kasian sekali warga Malaysia, mudah puas dengan kekayaan yang sedikit. Itulah kenyataan yang ada di Malaysia. So, let’s yell….Malaysia trully liar asia ! Keep in peace and smile ūüôā Semoga Malaysia sadar dengan kenyataan ini dan mau memperbaiki negerinya agar tidak arogan dan zalim. Amin

The first sentence is very indicative…

This is just one blog. I am also aware of several Indonesian chatrooms who indicate their ‘hatred’ against Malays and Malaysia.

But, fortunately, there are Indonesians who do not engage in such activities. See this blog post – ‚ÄėGanyang Malaysia‚Äô: The Narrow Minded Chauvinists .

But I think that he is in the minority. As shown in Malaysiakini, by now many Malaysians who are hooked to the internet must have known about the plight of the Indonesian TKW (Tenaga Kerja Wanita) in Malaysia. But here in Australia, many people have known this for a long time now. If I can remember, there was one documentary in TV which highlighted the problem. Of course, if you read the Indonesian papers, they have been writing about it for quite some time now…

And guess what, there is some thing about the title of that Malaysiakini article – Domestic workers – abused, raped, unpaid.

If I can remember from that TV show there was this Indonesian diplomatic official who said that the abuse follows some patterns which are based on the 3 major ethnic (ethnie) groups in Malaysia. The Chinese physically abuse these workers, the Indians sexually abuse them and the Malays tend not to pay or underpay them.

Anyway, I can’t remember which TV station in which I saw that documentary. It has to be either ABC or SBS. And I can’t remember the title of the documentary.

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