The Angry Malays…and Malay Bashing in the Internet Part 1

During the end of the year holidays, I have the chance to really talk to several of my Malay friends over one very interesting issue.

I will describe this issue or topic as the topic of: Being Malays.

Some readers may ask why write about such a topic. Well, I suppose those readers are really pulling my toes. If they have not noticed yet, within the internet there has been for quite some time now, a phenomenon of Malay Bashing. I don’t have a full definition of Malay Bashing at this stage. For now I only have a working definition: Malay-Bashing is defined as any expression of denigration in intent or in outcome with regard of being a Malay.

This friend of mine will be denoted as Mr MA. MA is now contemplating of submitting his honours thesis. He is thinking of continuing a post-graduate degree next year (next semester). MA comes from a mixed race family. His mother is of Indian descent. His father is a Malay. Interestingly his grand-father was an active member of UMNO (at the branch level). MA’s father is also an UMNO member, but not active (i.e. not holding any party positions)

MA told me that:

Sekarang ini susah betul jadi Melayu. Tengok dalam banyak website, selalu I baca orang kutuk bangsa Melayu….

… Kadang-kadang I berfikir juga… apakah mereka-mereka ini… berani sangat…sampai mengutuk bangsa Melayu itu sendiri… atau…apakah mereka ini ingat kita ini bodoh, bangsat atau pemalas sangat???

MA also pointed out that the Malay Bashing phenomenon is so widepsread that it has changed his perception towards the so called Bangsa Malaysia as he understood it…

When MA first came to Australia, he was attracted to the idealism of Bangsa Malaysia where all races in Malaysia should leave behind their ethnic identity and forge a new Malaysian identity. He also understood that this process will take a long time.

I ask him what made him change his mind?

MA told me of an incident he had over the internet. He said to me that for a few weeks early in 2007, he had a long and bitter argument with some one (presumably non-Malay) over the so called Malay rights. At first the argument was rational, then as it progressed it became emotional. MA told me that he made a mistake of telling the other party that his family is staunch UMNO supporter. ( So there it goes my dear readers, don’t divulge personal information in the internet ! ).

After that the other party spewed racist comments, saying that he, UMNO and the whole Malay race is nothing but a Bangsa Lanun. The argument became so bitter that MA changed his mind about the validity of the concept of Bangsa Malaysia…

He told me that:

Bangsa Malaysia sekarang sudah mati tanpa berkubur!

Of course, now he is feeling shameful about being a Malay. But throughout the my converstaion with him (over the days {during the end of the year holidays} that we spent in the coffee shop with other friends – most of them Malays), I sense that he is becoming increasingly angrier towards the phenomenon of Malay bashing. His anger is now directed towards those who engage in Malay Bashing.

And I think he is becoming more angrier. MA used to speak to me in English. In my opinion has acquired a good accent. Though not exactly Australian, his English is close to the BBC English. MA told me that before coming here, his mother sent him a tutor to “improve” his spoken English. So MA’s English does not like a Malay speaking English or worse, a Chinese-Malaysian speaking English (or that matter the infamous Singlish -Singapore English). He used to be proud of his English. He used to tease his other Malay friends for theing Malay-Style English.

But now, ironically, he is trying to become more Malay than ever. And more ironically he is trying to do so in Australia…

Well, I can’t blame MA for his actions. MA feel dismayed and rejected by all the hate speeches and cyber-identies who routinely bash Malays for whatever reasons they can think of.

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Hey Malingsial ! Emang Lu Sialan!

In view of the potentially sensitive nature of this posting, readers are advised of the Caveats. Also, the characters portrayed in this entry are fictitious. In addition, this entry has been modified in such a way that it would be impossible to determine whether it actually happened. Readers are advised not to take the message literally. Think before you act. Think rationally.


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