Cleavages in society – Further discussions

Ha ha… I am quite amused reading about Chua Soi Lek in Malaysiakini. I wonder what is really happening. I see a lot of speculations especially in the Letters section. I sincerely hope that Malaysiakini can provide pictures of Chua Soi Lek’s girl friend. What is so special about her? Is she tall like a model? Does she have big and round breasts? I wonder….

Anyway, that is not my main concern for today. Such topics are better left to Malaysiakini and other journalists with inquisitive and critical minds.

Today, I will continue on the topic of cleavages.

Cleavages in society often occur because members of society become overly emotional. People let their emotions guide their actions.

When this happens then there cannot be a rational discussion.

And such is the problem that characterize inter-ethnic relations in Malaysia. And this problem is very visible with the issue of NEP (New Economic Policy).

Now, I will not be discussing the complex debate of the NEP as what is now happening in internet chatrooms, blogs and newspapers such as Malaysiakini. Instead, I will be focusing on one aspect which underlies this debate.

How do one objectively measure the effects of NEP?


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