A followup to some Letters in Malaysiakini on the issue of “Indian Journalists”

Just some short time ago I posted two letters that appear in Malaysiakini Letters section.These are the letters that dwell on the issue of inviting some Indian journalists to ask them to see the “real situation” facing Malaysian Indians.

That post is actually about the problem of emotionalism and objectivity with regards to public discourses in Malaysia. My point is that in many issues, especially those that dwells upon racial issues, people tend to get emotional and less objective.

In this post I will only focus on the “Indian Journalists” issue alone.

The first letter is by Ganesan Doraisami ( http://www.malaysiakini.com/letters/76440) .

The second letter is by MBP ( http://www.malaysiakini.com/letters/76634 ) .

These two letters appear in my previous post so I won’t re-post them again. Actually there also another letter – Talk to others, not just Indian M’sians by Mr Tambourine. (See http://www.malaysiakini.com/letters/76590 ). This letter is similar in tone with MBP so I will not post them here.

There is another one which I think deserves a close scrutiny. This letter is by ACR titled – We don’t even have an efficient racist gov’t. (See – http://www.malaysiakini.com/letters/76678 ).

This letter is interesting:

We don’t even have an efficient racist gov’t
ACR | Jan 4, 08 4:59pm
I refer to the letters Indian journalists may want to work here, Talk to others, not just Indian M’sians and Request to Indian journalists in India.

Obviously the point of interest for Indian journalists would be to ascertain for themselves the extent of discrimination faced by Indian Malaysians vis-à-vis other ethnic groups. In this regard the views expressed by Ganesan Doraisami are valid.

We could easily imagine the type of ‘guided-tour’ the government would take the journalists on by introducing to them successful Indian Malaysian personalities MBP mentioned in his letter, none of whom obtained such positions due to government policy but rather sheer hard work and via establishing links with people of the ‘right colour’.

Notwithstanding their interest in Indian Malaysians, a balanced observation would be forthcoming if the journalists note that poverty and neglect cut across race. However, they could easily identify the predominance of certain ethnic groups and geographical regions in dire straits.

Evidently, the best means of establishing discrimination is to look at government policy. In a country where racial discrimination is codified in the constitution, it would be effortlessly easy to confirm that government policies do not address all needs but rather only the needs of a race.

Despite that bias, many bumiputeras have not benefitted as much as other bumiputeras have. This only begs one conclusion – we have an inept racist government. They could strive to be an efficient racist government at least.

We can rest assured that Indian journalists and other white-collar professionals from India do not view Malaysia as their first choice for immigration. Their choice remains the US, UK, Europe, Australia, NZ, Singapore and the Middle East followed by Malaysia. Specifically, journalists from India would not wish to subject themselves to the ‘press freedom’ Malaysia practices vis-à-vis India’s free press.

Hence, the illegal immigrants we seem to attract are those who obviously have a worse-off life in their own country and these people are typically unskilled workers.

It is also worth noting that with RM5,000 per month (50,000 rupees), one could have a king’s life in India, employing a driver for 6,000 rupees and a cook and maid as well for 5,000 rupees – definitely an attractive proposition for many to move to the second-fastest growing economy in the world.

This letter is interesting as it indicate that there is no right or wrong answers to this issue. So, if you support Hindraf, you will find evidence that backs up your position. And if you don’t, you will and can also find evidence that supports your position.

It seems that it all depends on how well you highlight your evidence. I suppose it also depends on how loud you shout. In other words – the power of your voice. In blogging this depends on the average position of the bloggers and cyber-identities on that issue. If many supports your position vis a vis the opposing one, then you are right… or else… you are wrong…

So if you go against the voice of the majority, you will be shouted down. Of course, you may want to shout back. But then you are facing multiple opponents and soon you wear your self out… then you give up. Sadly by doing so, the real truth may not come out.

I think: there is an interesting anology – which is neatly highlighted by a Paddy K, a blogger who blogs @ WordPress.

I’m sure many of us, especially the young, love the Star Wars movies. So who are really the good guys in Star Wars?

Here is an interesting remark from Paddy K in his entry – Death Star Whitewash:

In the first Star Wars movie the rebels steal some plans and then destroy the Death Star space station. A quick web search reveals how many people were actually on the Death Star at the time:

* 265,675 Station crew
* 52,276 gunners
* 607,360 troops
* 25,984 Stormtroopers
* 42,782 ship support staff
* 167,216 pilots and support crew

That’s over a million people, and that’s only a conservative estimate. A million people. Excuse me, just how fucking cold-blooded are these rebels? They kill a million people and then fly back to their planet and then they give out medals?

And then read this:

And is the Empire “evil”? Well from what we see in Epiosde 3, Palpatine appears to have been democratically elected. Sure, his regime has a fascist tinge to it, but all of the military we see in the original movies are efficient and honourable, and not at all corrupt. And just try and find a military without a fascist tinge to it.

And what did this “Evil Empire” displace? A society managed as some kind of new-age feudal system, where an accident of birth (in this case the ability to be a Jedi) guarantees you rights and privileges above all others, as well as full legal immunity. The Jedi seem to be above the law, answer to nobody and are only interested in having their religion replace all other ideologies and use it to “keep the peace”or, in other words, rule everybody forever.

Read all of his entry here –  Death Star Whitewash

Do you get what this blogger is trying to say?

I will be re-visiting this issue over and over again in the future. But for now, I will let readers think and decide on their own…..

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