Sanghavi’s Mystery

Besides Tabu, Sanghavi is another of my favourite actresses. Yes, I watch some of her films. I can’t say that I like those films. Its more like watching her than watching the whole films. So if people were to ask me what films did Sanghavi has acted in… well…. I may not be able to answer them.

Anyway I would like to take note below a description of Sanghavi. This is taken from the Wikipedia.

Sanghavi!!! A name that sends enthusiasm to millions of men’s hearts. The name that entire South Indian movie fans chants for over a decade now. Very few actress have been successful in their career as Sangavi has been for the past 10 years. Not many has the talent, beauty, glamor and skills to survive the movie industry. Sangavi is one who’s born with all such qualities that’s needed to stay on top in the movie industry. As rightly said in “[The Hindu]” she has very well balanced glamour and character roles in her career. She has acted over 75 movies and still going strong

Source – Sanghavi (actor) @ Wikipedia

Its a bit hilarious. I hope someone can help an edit that information. Do note that she is not an actor…

Here are some of her pictures from her new up and coming movie – Indrani. Upon my readings, the movie is supposed to be a mystery. See this post – Sanghavi plays title role in ‘Indrani’.

These pictures are courtesy from Ragalahari. 

Picture Credits – Indraani @ Ragalahari

Picture Credits – Indraani @ Ragalahari

Picture Credits – Indraani @ Ragalahari

There is another gallery of pictures containing Sanghavi in that film see this gallery for more of Sanghavi.

One picture that I fancy is this one:

Picture Credits – Indraani @ Ragalahari

As I understood this film is still in the process of production. Here is a newspiece describing Sanghavi’s role in Indrani:

Indrani audio on December 26
December 14, 2007, 2:50:01 PM

Indrani, with Sanghavi playing the title role, is now in the second schedule. M.A. Choudhary is the director and Gudipati Nageswara Rao is the producer. Sanghavi plays the role of a young girl who is set to avenge an insult to her and her family. The unit is now busy filming in Palakollu and Bhimavaram. The audio release function is slated for December 26.

Source – Galatta.ComTelugu Section


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