DAP-PKR seat talks – Good, but….

I watch with interest the news – in Malaysiakini – DAP-PKR seat talks: Perak, Sarawak the remaining obstacles

This is obviously a good sign for the opposition. Desite some grumblings such as this:

One core issue in Perak appears to be the Chinese-based DAP’s insistence to contest in all three parliamentary and nine state seats in the Kinta Valley, much to the dismay of the multi-racial PKR.

It is understood that the PKR grassroots there had whispered to their party leadership that they were all prepared to go for three-cornered fights in the event DAP was unwilling to give up even a single seat in the Kinta Valley.

Problems are also expected in the parliamentary seats of Taiping and Teluk Intan in the state. In Taiping during the last election, the opposition garnered more votes than the BN but still lost the contest due to a three-cornered fight.

Perak-based PKR vice-president Dr Lee Boon Chye admitted that it was “tougher” for both his party and DAP to reach an agreement in Perak than the deal which they sealed in Penang. 

Source – DAP-PKR seat talks: Perak, Sarawak the remaining obstacles @ Malaysiakini

At first reading, that news in Malaysiakini signals a good starting point to achieve opposition unity.

However, after a while, I have doubts: 

 I have said some where else before:

During all election campaigns (the ones that I know of), the BN (Barisan Nasional) government in more than one way portrayed itself as experienced, successful and capable vis a vis the often fractitious opposition. Moreover the opposition is always portrayed as an unlikely coalition of Chinese chauvinists, Islamic fundamentalists and hopeless Anwar Ibrahim supporters, whose experience in governing a nation (as a group) is almost nil.

What Can We Really Learn from Australian Democracy? (2)  

So 2 out of 3 is OK for now. But the one that is left out is the major Muslim-Malay opposition party

Yes, I am talking about PAS. What about PAS? What about Partai Islam Se-Malaysia? To achieve a real and meaningful unity, PAS has to be included somehow….

I have to say that without PAS, the PKR-DAP agreement would amount to nothing…. yes…that the PKR is prepared for a 3 cornered fight should say something…… it obviously shows that PKR don’t really trust DAP…..

Ha! Ha!…look at this:

However it must be remembered that seat negotiations between PKR and DAP can turn into a messy affair, as proven in the past general election where failed negotiations resulted in split votes and easy win for the BN. On the other hand, the PKR-PAS seat negotiations have always been seen as a rather smooth process.

It should be obvious that the author of the newspiece Beh Lih Yi is trying best to be optimistic…

I suppose we have to wait and see….

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