A Suggestion to Malaysiakini – Some Discussions

This post is a followup to the post titled: A Suggestion to Malaysiakini: How About Holding a Contest to draft a Malaysian Bill of (Human) Rights?  

Some of my friends have known about that post. In turn, they pose me several questions. One of them is why Malaysiakini? The other is why not other websites?

My answer is that Malaysiakini represents and embodies the ultimate alternative media in Malaysia.

I can’t imagine newspapers like Utusan, Berita Harian, New Strait Time, Star and other print publication to hold such a competition. Yes, these newspapers do have internet presence, but so far their internet contents merely reflect their print version.

I also can’t imagine (at this stage) other websites such as Malaysia-Today and even Jeff Ooi to sponsor such a contest. I think it will be a very big ask for them to hold that competition. These websites and their administrators simply do not have adequate resources. Of course they can do it if they want to. But, if they do so, the competition will just be another avenue for senseless booing for the establishment. It may even be another avenue to prop hate speeches. Yes, it is very easy to criticize and condemm, but not so if you want to present an alternative – such as suggesting a draft for a Malaysian Bill of (Human Rights). To see how hard to present an alternative to Malaysia one should just read this news from Malaysiakini –  DAP-PKR seat talks: Perak, Sarawak the remaining obstacles. Readers might also want to ponder what I thought about that issue here in this entry – DAP-PKR seat talks – Good, but….

There are also other issues which were highlighted by my friends. At first I want to blog about it. But it will just be too long. So instead I am posting these two entries:

Why not UMNO?

A Suggestion to Kelab Penyokong Maya UMNO: How About Holding a Contest to draft a Malaysian Bill of (Human) Rights?


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