Quitting America and Racism / Hate Crimes in Australian Schools

This post is a followup to the previous post – The Complexities of the “Truth” .

This post is divided into two sections. The first section deals with racism in America (USA), and the second one deals with racism and hate crimes in Australia.

Quitting America – The Departure of a Black Man From His Native Land

So I said before that I have read some Malaysians expressing their views that Malaysia is a racist country and that they have left Malaysia and after settling in the United Kingdom, Australia and even America, they are enjoying life in a race-free environment.

This statement is just plain bull-shit.

They should have read Randall Robinson’s book: Quitting America.

Here is an poignant excerpt from that book:

I tried to love America, its people, the dominant majority, their depiction of me, their treatment of mine. I have tried to love America but America would not love the ancient, full African whole of me. The truth, put squarely, is that I am spent, having fought too many American social battles that should never, in a more decent society, have presented themselves as such to begin with.

Excerpt by Randall Robinson from Quitting America 

Randall Robinson was an American, he emigrated to St Kitts. 

Readers who wish for a full review can read the reviews in the internet. There are a number of reviews in the internet. For those who want a more serious review – I refer to them to the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, No. 45. (Autumn, 2004), pp. 116-117.

So to those people who say they suffer no racial problems in America, are you telling the truth?

Racism and Hate Crime in Australian Schools
Yesterday (Friday) there is a headline news in The Australian:

Opposition backs schools security plan
The federal opposition has backed a government plan to spend $20 million on security for schools at risk of race-based attacks

By – Matthew Franklin and Siobhain Ryan | January 11, 2008

Readers can click the title to read the news in full.

I understand that there are many Malaysians who have settled here in Australia. I wonder if they have ever experienced any “racial” or “hate” problems. How will they feel when they say that they get out of Malaysia to escape the so called institutional racism… only to endure another kind of racism here.

Perhaps they will justify such bad experiences in the same manner like the Discordant Dude, who admitted that he was racially and verbally abused in his (or her?) workplace!


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