Why not UMNO?

This post is a followup to the post titled: A Suggestion to Malaysiakini: How About Holding a Contest to draft a Malaysian Bill of (Human) Rights?

A friend who studies political science suggested that I should post an entry asking UMNO to hold the Bill of Rights competition. He said that in Malaysia, UMNO is the only agent of political change at this moment in time. If there will be any political reform, it has to come from UMNO.

I understand this rationale. After all, I have read Clive Kessler’s assessment of the Malaysian political system. I agree that for any political change to happen, it has to be initiated by UMNO.

So I have re-drafted the post. Now, this post is directed to the UMNO cyber-activists or the Kelab Maya UMNO. This post is essentially the same to this post – A Suggestion to Malaysiakini: How About Holding a Contest to draft a Malaysian Bill of (Human) Rights?  .

Besides minor changes, only the references to Malaysiakini have been changed to Kelab Maya UMNO.

To tell the truth, all of my friends actually laughed about this idea. This includes those that hold the belief that only UMNO holds the power to political change in Malaysia.

Yes, I do have great doubts. The Kelab Penyokong Maya UMNO is not known to have a favorable view towards models of western democracy. For example I read somewhere in their web-portal that they are urging the remaining seats held by opposition to be “wiped” out. What’s the use of these opposition members in parliament, (some of the forumers say) if these opposition MPs are just marginal members in the parliament.

I can’t say anything much more about the attitudes of many (if not the most) of the cyber-identities in Kelab Penyokong Maya UMNO. However, there is a glimmer of hope. Despite the so called parroting nature of many of the cyber-identities in KMU (or KPMU), there are some who choose to oppose and some who choose to hold on to their views. [But, from my observations, these types of cyber-identities have been called bad names by others].

So, I think dedicating a post to the Kelab Penyokong Maya UMNO is worth it.

Of course, I don’t expect anything from this post, but then it does not hurt me to write such a post – all in the name of democracy.


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