Morality, Voyeurism and Democracy

It is just human nature to be voyeuristic? It is just human nature to be attracted to pictures, graphics and even to actions that are related or alluding to sexual behavior?

I was told that posting pictures of lewd, scantily dressed and revealing women is an immoral action. It is better not to be engaged in such actions they say. They also say that: One must maintain the purity of our souls by safeguarding our moral standards.

Oh really?

Look at these pictures.

These pictures are taken from Okka Magadu gallery @ Ragalahari.

Picture Credits Okka Magadu @ Ragalahari

Picture Credits Okka Magadu @ Ragalahari

Picture Credits Okka Magadu @ Ragalahari

The actress in the pictures is Anuskha. According to a news report in Ragalahari, her smile can stop the traffic. (Readers who click on that link may have to scroll a bit until they read the title – Anuskha is on the roll. )

It just came to my mind that we have many pictures like these in the internet and also many scenes like these in the movies. Why is it so? Perhaps because many people already know that we humans are susceptible to what may be called – the pleasures of the flesh.

In other words – Sex or anything relating or alluding to sex sells.

Is that true?

Just imagine this: the ideas that sex sells and that we are inherently voyeuristic are related to the idea of morality. This is turn is related to concept of democracy. See this post – Flower Power and the Evolution of Democracy in the USA  for more explanation.

I say that the concept of morality is often used to suppress democracy. Related to this is – the concept of morality is used to suppress discontent. However, this suppression is not total, because humans are by nature tend to behave immorally. As an example I have highlighted our voyeuristic nature, despite the pretensions of some to say that such a behavior is immoral.

Of course, one may say – so what, and what’s the point?

For now, I will not say anything more.


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