Malaysiakini Article – “Fatal fall….” : An Inaction or Neglect of Individual Rights?

I have been reading the Malaysiakini news piece:  Khir in dark over cultural centre proposal .

I have also been reading this Malaysiakini news article ….. Penang gears up for a trouble-free Thaipusam. I see that in some parts of that news, the police is blamed for the undermining of the Hindu religion etc, etc….

And then I read this article – Fatal fall: Teachers blamed of inaction.

It suddenly occurs to me that there is something wrong with our thinking…

Or more specifically, I think that there is something seriously wrong with the mentality of Malaysians….We are so hung up with ethnic and religious rights…. That we forgot about individual rights……

Nowadays, we often hear about Hindu rights, Christian rights and Muslim rights. We also often hear and read about Indian rights Chinese rights.And not forgetting – Malay rights. Of course, I don’t ever read an article about Malay rights in Malaysiakini. Such articles as their appear in the internet can be abundantly obtained from the KPMU (Kelab Penyokong Maya UMNO) website at – There are other sites too which proclaims their desire to maintain, uphold and enhance Malay rights. And one may expect such sites to make their proclamation louder as the elections are coming soon. Yes, that is the speculation by Andrew Ong in his article: Umno leaders barred from leaving country.

I tell you what……There is something wrong with all these fetish about cultural, ethnic and religious rights….

We like to support ethnic, religious and cultural rights so much……that we tend to forget about Individual Rights.

I am therefore dismayed…. I am so dismayed by all these!!!!

What a shame!!!!

Shame! Shame! Shame on you, Malaysians!

Many in Malaysians get all riled up when a mosque, a temple or a church gets demolished…. Equally many will be angry if certain symbols representing their culture or religion are taken away or not given the space to exist or flourish. (Such as in the case of the cultural center). But how many would be equally angry when our individual rights are neglected, taken away or not honoured or not given given the space to flourish?

The article Fatal fall: Teachers blamed of inaction is one of the many indications of how individual rights have been neglected. So this one is in the schools. There are many other cases too, in many other situations…. And many are not reported even by Malaysiakini.

Well, I am sure many would get riled up by reading that article. Of course, why not. That article reports an extreme and an unfortunate case which happened in a school.

But in many other cases, the violation of individual rights go unnoticed, unheard and uncared for…..


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