Prosperity, Wealth and Other Reasons for Migrating to Australia

I have to thank Edrei for his comment**.

I have to say that the reason for the previous post was due to my observations from the internet i.e. blogs, websites and other internet postings (such as comments in blogs and websites) on the issue of emigrating out of Malaysia and the current situation over there.

I think it has become fashionable at (or in) the blogosphere and in the internet to criticise Malaysia and then make remarks saying that it is better to migrate to let say Australia etc, etc… Just read Malaysiakini and you will find some of these articles (especially in the Letters section).

I have nothing against migration. In fact I think that everybody should do so if they can. This is because I view this whole Earth (and even the Universe) as being God’s creation and that humans or any other living things can settle anywhere they want.

This view is in line with the concept of borderless world as espoused by Kenichi Ohmae. This view is also in line with some of the ideas espoused by Francis Fukuyama (in his book The End of History).

Unfortunately the reality is different. Human boundaries like border controls and other controls to restrict human migration (humans are one of the many factors of production) are still in place. In fact, these borders have become more prominent (i.e. more restrictions). These borders are created in order to “protect” the nation-states, all of which are created by mankind (or human kind). Unfortunately, the reasons for this protection have often taken an emotionalist and some times un-rationalistic reasons. For example some countries (leaders of those countries) say that they have to protect their cultures, and their way of life. Some countries say that they will only accept certain people who are ‘culturally-compatible’ and at the same time have the potential to produce economically viable goods or services. And the list go on and on….

And thus migration has become an issue by itself (where it should not be).

Also, I find it odd why there is a lot of fuss about emigration, migration and relatedly, immigrants and emigrants…. In the case of Malaysia, one always says that he or she likes to migrate (let’s say to Australia), often as an object of argument, i.e. to say that certain things or govt policies in Malaysia are not favourable to them and so on….

Do you know, that there are many kinds of birds in Australia. There are several types which are native to Australia. But, many others come from places other than the Australian continent. …

These birds don’t have to fill in Arrival Forms when they come here. They don’t have to apply for any types of visa. And they don’t have to learn and pass some kinds of tests… in English or in any other types of knowledge…

Why can’t humans be like that?

Aren’t this Earth made for humans?

Why fence of the borders and say such and such place is for certain types of people?

Earth should be a place for all humanity…..

Oh… this reminds me of Pramoedya’s* Bumi Manusia



Pramoedya Ananta Toer
I have to say that Pramoedya is one hell of guy. He hates Malaysia so much. I have read that he still maintains the idea that Malaysia is the creation of an Imperialist Grand Design. But his writings transcends ethnicity, nationality and even religion.

Actually, there are other resons that motivate me to write that post. In particular, the idea of social classes. In this instance I find it odd for Australia. One the one hand many say that Australia has an egalitarian society. But on the other hand, people here put more importance on certain types of people than others, such as in the case of Heath Ledger. But I will say that this characteristic is not unique to Australians. In Indonesia for example, the recent death of Suharto has been given a lot of attention by the press and by the government. And compare this to the poor wong Jowo who commited suicide at home and alone due to the rising soybean prices. See this article- Soybean suicide forces Jakarta to act @ The Australian.


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