An Alternative to Reading Hate Speech Posts in the Blogosphere

This post is a continuation from this post – Dear Readers, I have to say something !

So that post illustrates some of the common situation in the blogosphere. That it is easy to get into “hate speech” activities. I suppose the situation gets worse when you have a multicultural society, where people seem to have irreconcilably different belief systems that may some times “clash” with each other. Of course, I do not put the blame to any belief system (religion, ideology world-views etc). The blame must actually be put certain people who sometimes got too excited… I suppose and I hope that readers would know what I am trying to say here…

But whatever it is, such hate speech and mud-slinging and incessant shoutings and chest thumpings make me very bored…..

And so….. I think I would be better of watching beautiful and sexy women in the internet instead. Such as this one – Monalisa.

Here is one of her picture – from Bharatwaves:

Picture Credits – Sexy Monalisa @ Bharatwaves

And here is another, from telugucinemastills:

Picture Credits: Monalisa @ telugucinemastills

Monalisa or Antra Biswas…… isn’t she beautiful….?

I won’t say anything else about her in this post. But I may perhaps do so in the future. So if you are interested in her or in other pretty and sexy women (and especially if you are just tired of the amount of hate speech within the blogosphere) – I recommend that you to watch this blog.

I say: Watching sexy and pretty women in the internet is much better than reading and / or engaging in hate speech activities!

Of course, I understand that there are many readers who don’t like to watch sexy and pretty women. In this regard I have nothing much to say…

… except this…..

One (wo)man’s food is someone else’s poison….


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