Dear Readers, I have to say something !

Dear readers, let me say something here:

As I was browsing the internet (with an emphasis on the Malaysian blogosphere) I find something interesting.

It looks like there is some sort of tiff between certain bloggers.

(Yea, yea… yea. This issue may be a bit out of date… well…. I can’t help it. I was rather busy to consider this issue until today….)

Now, I am referring to the recent controversy about this issue from these Malaysia-Today articles – here and here.

It seems that bloggers X and Y have got themselves into some sort of situation. 

Actually there are some more bloggers who somehow find themselves in this situation too. Like this blogger like MSx and S-t-m.

Sometimes, I think that they are just happy to be in the situation – controversial bloggers are always popular.

Yes, the controversy. It is about religion. Religion is always sensitive in Malaysia. Unfortunately some people seem not to acknowledge this. Like this post bt 7R(M). This post by 7R(M) is like pouring petrol to a fire…..I also see some hate speech mongers in this post by JY.  I suppose JY’s post illustrate that even if you want to be neutral and even you want to promote on objective, you just could not do it with all these crazy cyber-identities who have nothing better to do than waging a hate-war in the blogosphere.

Ahh… the Malaysia-Today articles…… I won’t even explicitly type the names of these articles that has created this controversy and tiff among the bloggers I just mentioned. Beyond what I’ve already say about religious divide, I will not even articulate what is/ are the issue(s) that makes these bloggers and other cyber identity got into the tiff. And I won’t even name the names of the other blogs who are also prominent in this issue. Of course, readers will eventually know who they are if they click the links above.

I can say however, that the two articles and the issue(s) underlying these articles reflect the (sad) current state of Malaysians with regard to their attitude towards democracy and towards freedom of speech.

This reminds me of the old adage: Rakyat Masih Bodoh. This is an elitist view harking back to the old days of the New Order. Yes, Suharto is dead, but this adage is still applicable – at least in Malaysia…. or to be more specific: the Malaysian blogosphere. Perhaps readers can refer to my earlier post – (Kebanyakan) Blogger Malaysia Masih Bodoh….(with a disclaimer) and see what I mean.

The term rakyat masih bodoh in this context refers to the inability of the common people to have a civil public discourse. This has been proven, just look at the blogs I have mentioned, and readers may agree with me. All in all, there is too much emotion and too little serious debate. 

Think about it – bloggers are using a new “revolutionary” technology to propagate something that has been going on for ages – that is hatred between different religions. These bloggers are using a revolutionary technology as a tool for “reactionary” purposes. I think that such a thing is… well… stupid.

Think about it, the actions of these bloggers will further re-inforce the idea that more freedom of speech is no good for the country. This is particularly so when one of them say that:

Police report and a libel suit will be coming, most definitely

Source: Blogger X

Anyway, this tiff and the language used amongst some of these bloggers remind me of this article – Cyberidentities at War: Religion, Identity, and the Internet in the Moluccan Conflict – which was also mentioned in the post- (Kebanyakan) Blogger Malaysia Masih Bodoh….(with a disclaimer) .

Whatever it is, I sincerely hope that these bloggers can resolve their issues amicably… or else… such an issue would be used as another example against giving more freedom of speech for Malaysian bloggers and also for the general public in Malaysia.

Perhaps Malaysian bloggers should learn how to agree to disagree.


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