Life Imitating Art?

Some people say that art imitates life. However, it might be the case the the other way around is true i.e. life imitates art.

Some people say that the cinema i.e. the films contribute to the ills of society. For example films scenes that depict violence against women (and children) might contribute to the real life violence against women (and children).

I suppose that such a statement is more on the moralistic side rather than on the objective. I suppose there is not much reasearch that is able to link violent film scenes to incidences of real life violence.

Anyway, here are some stills from the film Vidhata from Ragalahari.


Picture Credits – Vidhata @ Ragalahari

I don’t know who the woman in the pictures is. But I suppose it does not really matter. Just look at the other pictures below:


Picture Credits – Vidhata @ Ragalahari


Picture Credits – Vidhata @ Ragalahari


Picture Credits – Vidhata @ Ragalahari


Picture Credits – Vidhata @ Ragalahari


Picture Credits – Vidhata @ Ragalahari

Do you like those pictures? For more just visit the Vidhata gallery from the Ragalahari website.

Do such films (or film scenes) encourage violence against women (and children)? 

So I wonder, does life imitate art or does art imitate life?

Now, this post is also follow up to the post – Decadent Poems, Decadent Poetry…and Decadent Entertainment?

I will be back to write more about Decadent Entertainment.

Until then, good-bye!


[Note – All picture credits to Ragalahari]


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