Life Imitating Art ? (2)

This post is a continuation of the previous post – Life Imitating Art?

In that post I ponder the question of “life imitating art”. This phrase is powerful because in many instances it has been used as the underlying reason to justify censorship of various forms of literary expressions. Also this phrase has been used to justify censorship of various forms of individual and group expressions.

In this post I wonder about the issue: what makes art imitable in real life. Some say that the reason why this is so: is because that films potray “art” as close to “reality”. In other words “arts” although not real are close enough to reality that it (i.e. the “art”) can be a “reality”.

This issue is admittedly difficult to address in one blog-post. In this post I will only touch the surface….

Perhaps one may wonder about this issue from a series of stills taken from the film Veta. These stils are from the Ragalahari website.

Have we ever wondered that women are always potrait as the weaker sex in films and in many literary works…

Picture Credits: Veta @ Ragalahari

Women are always the victims… of nearly anything and everything….

Picture Credits: Veta @ Ragalahari

Picture Credits: Veta @ Ragalahari

Why is this so?

Picture Credits: Veta @ Ragalahari

Why do women are always portrayed as weak and vulnerable?

Is this portrayal a reality… or… is this portrayal close to reality?

This post is also related to concept decadent entertainment which appears in this post: Decadent Poems, Decadent Poetry…and Decadent Entertainment?

Updated 2/11/08

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[Note – All picture credits to Ragalahari]

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