Natives’ close encounter of the sexual kind – A Malaysiakini Article

I found this Malaysiakini article: Natives’ close encounter of the sexual kind terribly interesting:

An amorous rendevous behind lush green bushes or in the river may seem like a titillating prospect for some.

But for Orang Asli villagers who stumble upon such acts of uninhibited passion in their backyard, the situation only arouses anger.

This is the predicament faced by the Semai villagers of Kampung Sungai Tesong in Sungkai, Perak.

Parents are forced to be ever vigilant when leading their children around the village grounds in fear of an unintended lesson on the ‘birds and the bees’.

Met recently, the villagers pinned the blame on outsiders who attend the adventure camps and nature parks in the vicinity, which often see couples slipping behind a bush to indulge in an adventure of another sort.

This article also say that:

….these couples are turning to the dense jungle to share intimate moments in a bid to steer clear of the prying eyes of Islamic religious authorities.

I have to say this: Ha, ha ha ha……..

Let me say this again: Ha, ha ha ha……..

I suppose this situation reflects a contradiction that is prevalent in Malaysian society. And this is one of the most serious contradictions in the society. This contradiction is about sex and sexual behavior.

Malaysians love to moralise about sex and sexual behavior… but it seems that all these moralising is nothing but hypocrisy….

Updated 02/13/08

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