Apology To The Stolen Generations Of Australia

Today, this morning at 0855, Kevin Rudd will offer his apology to the “stolen generations”.

I was actually thinking of writing about this. But I suppose I will wait until the ceremony is over and until “the dust settles”.

Watch this event in the ABC if you can.

I suppose Malaysians won’t care much about this issue…. it is not related to Malaysia at all…. or does it…..???

However, this issue is highly related to the concept of universal humanism and universal compassion and of course to the ability of ourselves to look back and to take ownership of our past actions that may have adverse impact to different communities (other than ours).

But, there is this nagging question – should the present generation accept the mistakes of their fore-fathers?

Related to this is a potential question – to what extent do other people in other time periods must shoulder the mistakes of other people in periods of the past.

Well I think I am not writing well enough as I am in a hurry to finish this post. I’ll be returning back to this issue in the future


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