Bloggers’ close encounter of the sexual kind

This post is inspired by the Malaysiakini article – Natives’ close encounter of the sexual kind.

Now, I have nothing much to say… except…

Hey you readers! We should tell everyone to stop being hypocrites! Just admit it: many of us enjoy looking at sexy women and handsome men doing their thing…

Doing  their thing… what does that mean?

Perhaps like what is illustrated in these pictures. These are taken from the Udrekam film gallery @ Ragalahari.

Picture Credits – Udrekam @ Ragalahari

Hey, look at that woman. What is she holding?

Picture Credits – Udrekam @ Ragalahari

And this is another picture of the woman…. Don’t ask me about the man… I am not interested in him….

Isn’t she sexy…?

Picture Credits – Udrekam @ Ragalahari

The actress is Monalisa… 

To conclude this post, I would like to say this:

Many of us love to moralise about sex and sexual behavior. Many of us love to moralise about the “wrongness” of browsing certain websites or pictures in the internet; such “wrongness” is based on the immorality of viewing “explicit” materials in the internet.

Some (especially the moralists) argue that the internet should be filtered so that people cannot see “explicit” materials. 

But it seems that all these moralising is nothing but hypocrisy….

I suppose some readers may ask – what is the connection between browsing “explicit” materials in the internet and performing sex in secluded areas (refer to this previous post)?

This will be discussed in future entries…..

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All picture credits to Ragalahari


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