A Month of Decadent Entertainment

Actually, I was hoping to post this entry early this month. Now, almost half of the month is gone. However, I suppose it does not matter as this is a blog…. and I suppose I can make any statements I like at whatever time I want…. 

I would like to say that this month will be a month of decadent entertainment. So to kick-start my month of decadent entertainment. I will begin with several pictures of Thanu Roy.

Credits to these pictures are due to Ragalahari:

Picture Credits – Thanu Roy @ Ragalahari

Picture Credits – Thanu Roy @ Ragalahari

If those 2 pictures are not enough to get people excited, perhaps these may do the job….

Picture Credits – Thanu Roy @ Ragalahari

Picture Credits – Thanu Roy @ Ragalahari

I suppose the last two pictures has the theme similar to this post – Sweating it out – Inspiration, Perspiration and Success.

I won’t say anything more……

Of course, to those who are not into such things (i.e. those who are moralists and to those who find the underlying idea behind these posts offensive) I have this to say:

One man’s food is someone else’s poison*…. See this post for some explanations – Food is nourishing to some, but …


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