Do you like her in this dress?

I suppose beauty is a matter of taste. Some men like women to be dressed as little as possible. And yes, some like to see women to have (or wear) no dress at all.

So I wonder, how many like her to dress in this way.

She is now dressed in green….

Picture Credits: Monalisa @ Ragalahari

She is now dressed in red….

Picture Credits: Monalisa @ Ragalahari

Aha… what are you looking at…????

Picture Credits: Monalisa @ Ragalahari

Hey, aren’t you supposed to be admiring the dress…. and not these……

Picture Credits: Monalisa @ Ragalahari 

So, you want to see more??? 

Picture Credits: Monalisa @ Ragalahari  

Ha ha ha….. If you really like her… just go her gallery @ Ragalahari.

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All picture credits to Ragalahari


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