Do you want to see her sweat? (1)

Well, I suppose I could blog more about serious things: like politics or social issues and such. Like this one – Antara Realita dan Mimpi Demokrasi di Malaysia (2). But today I feel quite bored (if I were to blog again about those issues).

Today, I want to blog something that is more entertaining.

Ahhh…. Perhaps some readers remember about this post: Decadent Expressions… . This post defines what I mean about “decadent entertainment” and “decadent expressions”.

Allright… enough about that….

How about this:

Do you want to see her sweat?

I notice that this post is quite popular. I don’t know why. Is it because of the title? Is it because of the actress? Or is it because of the theme?

The post I am referring to is this – Sweating it out – Inspiration, Perspiration and Success .

For some reasons, this post has consistently register a high number of visits. One of the themes of this post is sweat and sweating. I know some of you guys out there love to see women sweating.

Perhaps I should not be surprised at all, especially if the theme is “armpit sweating”. As has been said by Edward Chmura from Japundit

I don’t know what surprised me most, — the fact that a GOOGLE search on the words armpits of actresses will return a total of 40,200 hits, or that JAPUNDIT was listed seventh among these hits.

Anyway, the thought of so many pages dedicated to the feminine armpit intrigued me and so your intrepid reporter (that’s me) went right to work.

Source – It’s the pits @ Japundit

I think I will do an experiment.

Do you want to see her sweat?

Picture credits: Asin in Deva @ Ragalahari

If you do, just click go to this post: Sweating it out – Inspiration, Perspiration and Success

Perhaps I need to whet your appetites:

Picture Credits: Deva (Surya & Asin) @ Idlebrain

Yes, you’ll see more of her in this post – Sweating it out – Inspiration, Perspiration and Success.

There will be more of  this post. Keep watching this blog!

Picture Credits – to Ragalahari and Idlebrain as indicated at the bottom of the pictures


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