Prosperity, Wealth and Other Reasons for Migrating to Australia (2)

This post is a continuation of this post – Prosperity, Wealth and Other Reasons for Migrating to Australia.

I suppose many Malaysian students in Australia would like to stay here in Oz because of the higher salaries that are offered here compared to Malaysia.

If you are a student here in Australia, I wonder….How much do we expect to earn if we work here in Australia?

Let say A has a bachelors degree in Accounting and Finance (Or Commerce) from a reputable university – let say the University of New South Wales or from the University of Melbourne. How much does he or she expects to obtain as starting salary working in Sydney or Melbourne to let say working in Kuala Lumpur?

Anyway, I just read this interesting news – Ha ha! Tony Abbot – the former health minister under the then PM John Howard is complaining that his parliamentary salary is not enough. This is what he has to say:

Former minister Tony Abbott says politicians are struggling to make ends meet on a backbencher’s base salary of $127,060.

“We have mortgages to pay, in many cases we have school fees, we have medical expenses, we have all the normal expenses that families have, and the only source of meeting those expenses is our parliamentary salaries,” Mr Abbott said.

Big business rejects Rudd’s wage call
Australian Yahoo! 7 News
Friday February 15, 06:22 PM

Actually I am quite amazed that he (Tony Abbot) can’t get by with 127k per annum….

Anyway, does anyone know how much the former Malaysian Health Minister (you know his name, so I won’t name him) makes per year? I wonder if he is complaining (because he resigned and therefore not earning a ministerial salary anymore).

I suppose in Australia, the living expenses are much higher than in Malaysia. So it is diffcult to compare…. But still, whenever I talk to Malaysians, they always have this perception that they will get more here in Australia than over there in Malaysia…. But many have no or little idea of let say the costs of living here in Oz.

Also, here is one additional observation about the situation in Australia…

In Australia, it seems that whenever people talk about productivity, it is always the battlers (working class) folks that have to do most of the doing. But when it comes to salaries, it seems that the elites (the top folks) always get the most.

 Of course these are my observations…. They may be biased….

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