A Sex Blog has Come to Town!

Ha ha….

I saw a potentially great blog – Sex in Town. This post is obviously inspired by the post Sex is coming to town! from that blog

I would like to express my satisfaction upon seeing the emergence of blogs that discuss about sex and sexuality.

Also, more interestingly the blogger is said to be a woman:

I know there are so many options out there, but I still feel, as a woman, external contraceptions are better than internal ones, like the pill which needs popping and may have certain side effects, as little as it may be.

Source – Use Condoms @ Sex in Town

This is obviously a new blog – so I would like to wish the blogger behind Sex in Town all the best!

Just to think about it: Sex is a broad topic.

Thinking about sex… I see…. I suppose a couple of pictures from Ragalahari won’t hurt. These pictures are taken from the Mogudu Pellam O Boyfriend gallery.

Picture Credits – Mogudu Pellam O Boyfriend @ Ragalahari

Picture Credits – Mogudu Pellam O Boyfriend @ Ragalahari

Sex or anything alluding to sex is hot….

Obviously – watching sex or sex related scenes like the ones above from Mogudu Pellam O Boyfriend can stimulate one’s nerves. (You know what I mean!)

But what about reading a blog about sex?

I suppose we have to wait… and watch… and see…

This post is a continuation of my series of decadent entertainment.

This post is also related to these two posts:
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Just to think about it – that blog  represents one instance of the breaking of the established conservatism (i.e. the maintenance of status quo) within society. If there is enough people like Sex in Town, then this would create one of the conditions that would lead to a drastic social change within society.

But of course, this is my guess…

More about this issue in future entries… keep watching this blog! 


All picture credits to Ragalahari


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