Antara Realita dan Mimpi Demokrasi di Malaysia (3)

This Malaysiakini article is very interesting – Opposition aiming for seismic shift at the polls.

Seismic shift – what does that mean? 

But I suppose, that in the end, the results for the coming general elections can be safely predicted. This is based on the opinions of several Malaysianists like Clive Kessler etc. Also this very article says it so:

We all know the BN is going to win because the system is structured that way,” she said, noting that in 2004 the coalition seized 90 percent of the seats with just 64 percent of the vote.

But she is optimistic:

“But this is not necessarily going to be about the result, it’s going to be the process,” she said, adding that the campaign could see small parties’ profiles boosted and their grievances highlighted.

“Things are very optimistic, more than the last election by far, and there is a sense of purpose among the opposition to illustrate to the government the real concerns about where the country is going.”

Having read this article, I remembered this opinion/column by Josh Hong – The erosion of democracy.

I suppose this is his opinion about the coming general elections:

I am not in the least excited about the election, now scheduled to take place on the International Women’s Day (March 8) this year. With nearly the entire media and press industry serving the agenda of the ruling coalition, churning out (or concocting) ‘positive’ news while hiding the negative (and often true) ones, and a supposedly impartial Election Commission acting as a government agency by gerrymandering the electoral map, the fate of the masses has long been sealed.

Barisan Nasional, despite (or because of) its decades-long dominance, is in dire need of ideological renewal as well as the courage to face realities. Sadly, the top leadership is still in denial. Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak, in an exclusive interview with several Chinese dailies, reminded the Chinese that only the BN could ensure continued prosperity for the community – the same tune that he and his MCA colleagues had been repreating for years. If others are still not fatigued, I am already snoring.

The last sentence by Josh Hong is amusing, to say the least.

Anyway, I suppose these two Malaysiakini articles points out to some aspects about the nature of democracy* in Malaysia. Now, I have written something about this way back (last year actually), but I haven’t “blog” my writtings yet. In other words I have not put my writings in this blog. Basically I wrote about one aspect of the nature of the Malaysian democracy. With the elections coming soon, I have decided not ‘blog’ it for now. I suppose I will wait until the elections are over…

*The nature of Malaysian democracy is a contentious issue. Some (if not many) will say that Malaysia is not a democracy (like the Hindraf who accuses the Malaysian govt of ethnic cleansing). Some say that Malaysia is a democracy; whilst others say that the Malaysian democracy has regressed and the country is turning more and more authoritarian.

There is so much disagreement about the nature of Malaysian democracy… and I expect this issue will be more pronounced at around this time. Just look at this Malaysiakini article – Rose protest: All but 9 released and this article – Abdullah lashes out at ‘extremist’ Hindraf.

So much contention about this issue… so much that I think I would wait until the dust settles i.e. after the elections and after seeing what are the reactions to the elections.

Until then – watch this blog…. the post Antara Realita dan Mimpi Demokrasi di Malaysia (4) will be posted after the elections.

Until then…. all the best to my readers in Malaysia!

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