Do you like her in this dress? (3)

I now set my eyes on this Pooja Bharati. Yes, she is sexy.

Picture Credits: Pooja Bharati @ Ragalahari

Picture Credits: Pooja Bharati @ Ragalahari

Picture Credits: Pooja Bharati @ Ragalahari

Picture Credits: Pooja Bharati @ Ragalahari

Picture Credits: Pooja Bharati @ Ragalahari

Picture Credits: Pooja Bharati @ Ragalahari

Yes, if you want to see more of here just go click these links: Pooja Bharati @ Ragalahari

I have to admit that I don’t know much about her, except that she is one of the sexiest and hottest South Indian actress.

So… What do you think…?

This post is related to my series of entries about decadent entertaintment. 

Now, some people say (or suggest) that I should continue to blog on more serious issues. They say that I should follow up on some of the posts I made previously that touches on politics and social issues.

Unfortunately, I can’t satisfy their requests. I suppose I get bored blogging about these so called serious issues… So one way to escape the boredom is to blog on such topics like – decadent entertainment.

But don’t worry, from time to time I will say something serious… Perhaps readers may refer to this post for a more serious didcussion to one issue or dimension within the story of decadent entertainment. See this post – Voyeurism in the Internet.

Other more serious posts include:
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4) Decadent Entertainment – One form which society cannot stop

5) The Tyranny of Society  

The last item i.e.  The Tyranny of Society is somewhat related to the previous post – Morality, Caste, Love and Reality – Farzana in Seema Sastry .

An Announcement:
This will be the last entry for the time being. I will let this blog idle for a while. Nothing serious, it is just that I have other interests…

Until then all the best and my prayers will be to democracy:
Vive la démocratie !

All picture credits to Ragalahari

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