Voyeurism in the Internet

This post is related to the post – A Sex Blog has Come to Town! 

I suppose blogs like  Sex in Town and the posts like Sex is coming to town! and Sex and Lingerie from that blog, plus many other blogs of the same genre comes from the phenomenon known as exhibitionism. This phenomena is in turn related to the what is known as ‘Voyeurism in the Internet’.

In the old days we might hear stories of naughty boys peeping into women’s bathroom. The story gets more interesting if it is in a village where the bathroom is virtually outside. (Usually in communal locations such as wells and public bathing places. )

I suppose you don’t get all of that in the urban or suburban areas. However, with the advent of the internet, voyeurism has experienced new dimensions. Such kinds of voyeurism is motivated by the fact that the ‘other’ party is ‘willing’ to let the voyeurs see and read about their ‘experiences’ in sex or matters alluding to sex and sexuality. This is unlike the olden days where peeping toms are often ‘rejected’ by the mainstream society. Voyeurims in the olden days is relegated to the ‘bottom of society’ or ‘outcasts of society’ so to speak. Today, in the internet, the sinful and fringe (perhaps some may say pervert) behavior has become the norm.

Here are some interesting articles that are related to this issue. I will just list them here, as I don’t have the time to discuss them one by one.

Nakedness and Nudity: A Darwinian Explanation for Looking and Showing Behavior
Leonard Blank
Leonardo > Vol. 6, No. 1 (Winter, 1973), pp. 23-27

“Click Here”: A Content Analysis of Internet Rape Sites
Jennifer Lynn Gossett; Sarah Byrne
Gender and Society > Vol. 16, No. 5 (Oct., 2002), pp. 689-709

Between the Image and the Act: Interactive Sex Entertainment on the Internet
Marjorie Kibby and Brigid Costello
Sexualities, Aug 2001; vol. 4: pp. 353 – 369.

Sex Zones: Intimacy, Citizenship and Public Space
Phil Hubbard
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No Money Shot? Commerce, Pornography and New Sex Taste Cultures
Feona Attwood
Sexualities, Oct 2007; vol. 10: pp. 441 – 456.

Actually there are much more articles, but I suppose the ones above are sufficient for now. I will be referring to these articles from time to time. And of course, I will come up with other articles as the need arises.

And perhaps more importantly some more discussions about this issue will be made….

That is in the future… of course…

Until then – enjoy browsing this blog.

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