Still Remember Her – Reshma ?

Do you still remember her… Reshma…?

Here are some of her pictures from Bharatwaves:

Picture Credits: Reshma @ Bharatwaves

Picture Credits: Reshma @ Bharatwaves

Picture Credits: Reshma @ Bharatwaves

Picture Credits: Reshma @ Bharatwaves

Picture Credits: Reshma @ Bharatwaves

Picture Credits: Reshma @ Bharatwaves

I suppose the word “Reshma” means many things to different people. Some may equate “Reshma” with the Malayalam actress associated prostitution scandal. See this article for some story – Reshma arrested for prostitution…

Some may equate “Reshma” for the film directed by Radhakrishnan that goes by the same name – Reshma. Interestingly this info is obtained from Bharatwaves. There is also the Reshma film gallery. But the pictures at that gallery is not the same as these ones (the ones in this post) – Just follow these links to see what I mean: Reshma @ Bharatwaves

This is quite interesting. The same name used in the same website can result in different meanings or outcomes (especially if you are looking for photos of Reshma).

And of course if you Google the term Reshma – you get a lot of results … which sometimes can be confusing…

This article is dedicated to all of Reshma lovers who frequently visit the posts below:
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Please my dear Reshma lovers, do come to this blog often!


All picture credits to Bharatwaves

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