Two articles about Democracy in Malaysia

This post is a followup to this – Forecasting the Inevitable  

In the first instance, I was thinking to continue from this post – Antara Realita dan Mimpi Demokrasi di Malaysia (3) .

But then since I said that I would only update and do follow up to that post after the elections are over and until the dusts have settled. So today is the election day… ahh sorry for the mistake – I was not getting enough sleep for the past few days – it should be read as… So today is still a few more days before the election day… and there is a lot of dust.. of course I have some kind of scenarios depicting the results of the elections – but I suppose would rather not discuss it now (I suppose there is no need to discuss it ever since we are going to know the real results anyway).

I have decided on something else for now…

How about some links an some article about democracy in Malaysia:

The first one is this –The Politics of Democracy in Malaysia. This is an article by Rainer Heufers.

The second is this – Virtual democracy in Malaysia: Putting press freedom on the front burner’. This is a short article by Steven Gan.  The name Steven Gan should be familiar to many of us from Malaysia.

I choose to highlight these articles as they are freely available in the internet. Well, there are other articles on the subject of Malaysian democracy. But many require subscription. Of course there are many more free articles throughout the internet. Readers can always search or Google them.  Anyway, these two articles are relevant to my series of posts – Antara Realita & Mimpi Demokrasi di Malaysia.

I hope readers who come to read my postings would take some time to read those articles.  

Until then…

See you again ….in/ at the next time I am updating this blog!!!


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