Preferences and Culture (1) – An Introduction

Perhaps readers may wonder why I am blogging about these things called ‘preferences’ and ‘culture’.

I can’t tell why, because if I were to fully disclose why, then I may lose one chink in my anonymity. But I will tell just a little bit. I am working with these two ‘constructs’ in my real life. Since I don’t have much idea to blog, so I have decided why not I blog something which is already in my mind as of right now..

Just to make it clear, I am not originally an expert in consumer behaviour. I am just a loafer who likes to browse the internet in his free time….

So… lets blog about preferences and culture.

I wonder how many readers out there have learn about consumer behavior or marketing as a discipline in their university or college days. This post may sound familiar… in one aspect of course… Of course I won’t blog about the whole topic of consumer preferences… that is simply too much and too complicated .. and of course I just won’t do it… as I have become too bored with it…

But I suppose one aspect of it is ok… for today’s blogging session.


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