Preferences and Culture – Can you choose your culture and ethnicity?

So far we I have blogged about culture and how it shape people’s preferences. It turns out that there is a thing which I will say at this point as: the phenomenon of ‘preferring another culture’.

To illustrate this point:

I found one interesting post by The Malaysian:

Ethnic Indian Muslims Want To Be Called Malays!
A section of the ethnic Indian Muslim community living in Malaysia want to be known as Malays rather than Indians and have petitioned the government to streamline the laws accordingly.

Now that portion of the text is taken from another source – The Statesman. I’m not so sure if that source is a magazine or a journal. Perhaps The Malaysian can tell more as I am quite interested in this issue. I hope that the Malaysian can provide a link or just  tell the date of publication or volume or issue etc. That would be very helpful.

Anyay this is the real comment on that issue:

Changing one’s ethnicity by legislation is no real change at all. One must question the motive behind the petition and wonder if economic and other such materialistic reasons are behind the desire of this group of people to forsake their true ancestry for that of a totally different and unrelated one.

Now, I suppose that such a thing by Malaysian Muslim Indians can be classified as an extreme case of ‘preferring another culture’.

This is basically a case whereby one admires another culture and then try to imitate the culture.

Now there is actually more to this. I will be returning to this issue in future entries.

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