Sweating it Out – Elections Results (2)

I was just browsing http://www.petalingstreet.org/ and I can see that people are interested in the election results.

I suppose many of them will be sweating it out tonight too… just like the politicians…

Ahh… this one post is very interesting. From Shadow Fox – Hello Barisan Nasional, EAT MY SHIT!

There are other interesting postings too. By Philip Yong – Malaysia General Election – Polling Day seems pretty quiet.

And many more… like Teresa has early lead in Kinrara and Tony Pua leads PJU in early count and this DAP leads from Politics 101 Malaysia.

For those bloggers that strongly articulate their feelings, I can understand their sentiments…

And I hope that things will be OK…. but bear in mind the realities.. of course… from Steven Gan’s editorial- Don’t expect BN to lose big @Malaysiakini.

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