Weekend Special (1)

Today, Saturday – there are a lot of people sweating it out. Yes, if you read these posts you know what I mean: Sweating it Out – Elections Results (1), Sweating it Out – Elections Results (2) and Sweating it Out – Elections Results (3).

However, I as I am so far away from the action, I won’t come close to that. Saturday night to me is just like any other Saturday night. A night to relax. Yes, Saturday night is for relaxing – to recover from Friday night’s partying.

So here comes the Weekend Special post….

So might as well post some pictures of Diya from the movie Lakshmi Putrudu. The pictures are obtained from Ragalahari. There are some scenes where the leading actress is sweating. Unfortunately those scenes are too few and they don’t show too much…

Here is the actress:

Picture Credits: Diya @ Ragalahari

And here are some “interesting” stills from that movie:

Picture Credits: Diya in Lakshmi Putrudu @ Ragalahari

Picture Credits: Diya in Lakshmi Putrudu @ Ragalahari

Picture Credits: Diya in Lakshmi Putrudu @ Ragalahari

Don’t ask me about the actor. You can find his name by yourself… ha ha….

Ahh… it is quite funny though after reading one review about the movie. Tell you what – the review advise us not to watch that film…

If you don’t believe me… read this:

First half of the film is not up to the mark. The second half of the film has different orientation and it is bad. The movie suffers from Tamil orientation (cast – story – screenplay and direction). Watching Lakshmi Putrudu is like watching a dubbing version of badly made Tamil flick. You can safely avoid watching Lakshmi Putrudu.

Source – Lakshmi Putrudu movie review @ http://www.telugulo.com/

So there you go… perhaps it is more satisfying to watch the movie stills….

Picture Credits: Diya @ Ragalahari

…more satisfying to watch the movie stills…. definitely…

Oh… and to end this post perhaps another picture of Diya may be appropriate:

Picture Credits: Diya in Lakshmi Putrudu@ Ragalahari

This post is also dedicated to an earlier post – Sweating it out – Inspiration, Perspiration and Success.

I notice that that post has consistently high levels of traffic. Perhaps readers want more of… you know what… ha ha ha….
All picture credits to Ragalahari


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