A New Dawn… and An End of An Era

Ahhh… another interesting headline from Malaysiakini: Anwar ushers in ‘a new dawn for Malaysia’ – 4.08am.

I am still in the mood of contrast… as what I wrote in these two posts for example

1. Sweating it Out – The Sour and Bitter Taste of Defeat

2. Sweating it Out – The Sweet Smell of Success

Ha ha… Malaysiakini also has this headline just above that of Anwar’s –
PM: ‘We’ve lost, we’ve lost’ – 4.12am

Yes, yes… I got those headlines from 

This “a new dawn” phrase reminds me of the movie Dawn of the Dead… So in this movie from one perspective you can see the destruction of the existing order. So if you are into the existing order you can only see total destruction and great chaos… you can only see defeat…

But if you see this film from another perspective … you can see that a new order is beginning to take hold…..

For example – perhaps people who are living in the now opposition controlled states would think – what will be the future State-Federal relationship in these respective opposition controlled states? Previously they don’t really care about it. But now, they may have to think about it….

Of course, if you are feel like that… you are just like the survivors in the Dawn of the Dead… things have changed but they still want to cling to their old ways….

But then again… as humans… we may have difficulties to embrace the new environment…. that is just human….

But then… some people do like the change of the environment… and some do like the “destruction” of the status quo…. that is just human too.

Now actualy I have seen this contrast between the New Dawn… and An End of An Era thing in some blog postings….

Perhaps I better re-phrase it to the dichotomy or contrast between New Dawn and the great Fear of the Unknown Future. Here are some examples:

1) Here is to majoritarianism and a divided Malaysia

2) Political Tsunami Has Hit Malaysia : New Dawn or Start of Winter?

3) T’was An Exciting Night

4) Election Aftermath

5) Malaysian Election: How Bad Is It?

In giving out these examples, I will warn readers that these are not scientifically sampled. In my examples, it seems that there are more of those who worry about the future than those who are willing to embrace the unknown. However, this is not an indication of the whole population of Malaysian bloggers.

Perhaps some bloggers who are interested in this issue might want to study this situation more formally. As for me.. I write my blog posts more as a hobby… Yep… blogging is a good way to improve my English… 


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