Do you want to see her sweat? (Madhu Sharma -2)


Yes… Sunday…..

Nothing much was done on Sunday … except discussing about politics with friends. My oh my.. this is the first time that such a discussion was done (in the scale that was unprecedented) . Even people who usually are not interested in Malaysian politics are suddenly interested….

You know what I mean ? … if you don’t, just refer to these posts –  Sweating it Out – Elections Results (1), Sweating it Out – Elections Results (2) and Sweating it Out – Elections Results (3).

Anyway… I suppose many politicians have not stop sweating it out… still.  Probably they are still sweating due to shock or disbelief….

Ha ha…. I just found some good pictures to go with this post. Actually this picture is not new. I saw these pictures posted several times in Masala Board and Bollyarm.  They were also posted in various other blogs and forums. This picture seems to be quite popular with sweat lovers in the internet. Of course some are genuine Madhu Sharma lovers.

As for me… well… I just want to see her sweat….

Picture Credits: Madhu Sharma @ Idlebrain

Picture Credits: Madhu Sharma @ Idlebrain

Picture Credits: Madhu Sharma @ Idlebrain

Picture Credits: Madhu Sharma @ Idlebrain

Picture Credits: Madhu Sharma @ Idlebrain

Do you like to see more of her sweating? If you do….See more of her in this gallery – Madhu Sharma @ Idlebrain. Enjoy!


All picture credits to Idlebrain


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