Khalid promises FOI – Freedom of Information Act

Here is a news article from Malaysiakini – Khalid promises radical changes as S’gor MB

I like the part in which he pledges to institute a Freedom of Information Act. Here is the quote:

“I want to discuss with the state legal advisors whether we can pass a legislation that allows document to be exempted from the OSA (Official Secrets Act) for business conducted.

“From that I would ask to make laws to discuss in the state the freedom of information act,” he said.

Well, I understand that he will be meeting the Sultan later on the 10th to discuss forming a state govertnment. So that pledge is still nebulous at this stage.

However the suggestion of the FOI is a good thing…

Also what about the drafting of pieces of legislations – to strengthen the democratic processes in the state and perhaps this will encourage the Federal Govt (and other state govts) to “act accordingly”…?

See this post for more important issue that follows the suggestion for the FOIWhat About… A Bill of Human Rights?


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