Weekend Special (2)

Weekend Special – from Guru Maha Graha – to all readers of this blog. This is a continuation from this post –Weekend Special (1).

Ok, I know… it is already Monday and Mondays are not usually part of the weekend…. But I suppose it is all right to blog about the weekend in any day of the week… ha… ha….

So my dear readers, do you remember Priyamani.  Perhaps you do…..

This is her latest pictures from Ragalahari.

Picture Credits: Priyamani @ Ragalahari

Picture Credits: Priyamani @ Ragalahari

Picture Credits: Priyamani @ Ragalahari

Picture Credits: Priyamani @ Ragalahari

Picture Credits: Priyamani @ Ragalahari

And also, to those who are fans of Priyamani. This is her website – http://www.priyamani.info/index.htm.

There is also a blog about her –  http://www.priyamani.info/blog/ . But it seems that the blog is not active anymore. 

This post is dedicated to an earlier post – Sweating it out – Inspiration, Perspiration and Success.

I notice that that post has consistently high levels of traffic. Also I notice that some readers of this blog love Priyamani. So perhaps this post may satisfy them.

Perhaps, I will write a followup on that post. So watch this blog. Sweating it Out – Inspiration, Perspiration and Success part 2 will be posted some time in the future.

Have a nice day!

All picture credits to Ragalahari


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