A Reminder to Barisan Alternatif Supporters

I was just browsing the www.petalingstreet.org/ , Malaysiakini, Malaysia Today and the internet in general.

I suppose the euphoria of the election results is still going on. I can read many blogs celebrating the success of the Barisan Alternatif or Barisan Rakyat in the recent elections….

But there is one interesting thing that people at this stage might ignore…

UMNO is still the party that has the largest representation in the Parliament. It controls 79 seats in the Dewan Rakyat…

Just read this blog post- Realiti Di Sebalik Pilihan Raya 2008 – BN makin lemah, UMNO tetap pilihan utama ! 

From the looks of it, this blog is written by Mahathir loyalist. But upon considering the facts, what he said do make sense…

See this post –  Is there such a thing called Barisan Rakyat?- for more!


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