Analysis of Election Results

This is an analysis of the elections, hosted by Al Jazeera’s Sami Zeidan with 3 “experts” – Mavis Puthucheary, Tricia Yeah and Karim Raslan

Inside Story– Change for Malaysia?- 10 Mar 08- Part 1

Inside Story– Change for Malaysia?- 10 Mar 08- Part 2

Why do feature this analysis. It s simple – because I like it… ha ha ha… 

There are other analysis too from the internet. Of course, many bloggers offer some analysis. And some claims to be authoritative…. and yes some of these analysis are convincing and are supported by facts and their story is reasonable and plausible. I suppose that shows that Malaysian bloggers do have the capability to analyse complex sitiuations… in some cases they are better than the analysis offered by the so called “experts” that you can see in the TV and in the newspapers. Like here in Australia, I find the experts are so fond of Anwar Ibrahim. Just read what Greg Sheridan say about Anwar Ibrahim here – Result to reverberate through region from The Australian.

By a very long distance, Anwar is the most dynamic and charismatic politician in Malaysia. As opposition leader in parliament he will present a huge challenge to the Government.

I suppose I have this to say to Greg Sheridan: Good on Ya, Mate! 

Anyway, I came across this piece of analysis by John Roberts from the World Socialist Web Site. This analysis titled – Government election losses in Malaysia signal eruption of deep political crisis is kind of interesting, so much so that I have decided include it in the next post – Vivere Pericoloso – Barisan Rakyat !!! (3). This post is obviously a continuation from this post Vivere Pericoloso – Barisan Rakyat !!!


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