Is there such a thing called Barisan Rakyat ?

This post is made in relation to this post- A Reminder to Barisan Alternatif Supporters 

I suppose opposition supporters must not get too exited… Of course, they have every right to celebrate… but… in time.. they have consider the reality…

One of the reality is about the very existence of Barisan Rakyat.

And let’s not forget what Lim Kit Siang said – There is no such thing as Barisan Rakyat.

Yes – Lim Kit Siang said there is no such thing as a Barisan Rakyat just before the elections…

Mmmm… I see a blogger is demanding that everybody call the opposition – Barisan Rakyat…. Yes… see this post – Start calling them Barisan Rakyat or else???? by Mahaguru58

But then how does such a demand be in line with LKY‘s statement?

Has he (LKY) made anymore or any new statement(s) on this issue of Barisan Rakyat? 


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