Two Faces of UMNO (1)- mykmu

As I said before here in this post- Is there such a thing called Barisan Rakyat ? , UMNO is still by far a dominant party in the Parliament…

In this regard I would agree with the blogger fendy_ahmad’s  analysis in his post – Realiti Di Sebalik Pilihan Raya 2008 – BN makin lemah, UMNO tetap pilihan utama ! 

At this stage, UMNO is still dominant.

However…. there might be reasons to doubt that dominance… And here is one reason why: 

But what is happening inside UMNO? …. So… from the outside it looks like the party is united. Even though BN has no more 2/3 majority, UMNO is still the biggest party in Parliament.

But from another perspective… it looks like the unity is not what it seems to be…

There are “factions” in UMNO. Now, I won’t go into the details of what it means by UMNO factions. This sort of things are better left to political scientists who specialise in UMNO.

However, I will look at two “factions” in UMNO as they are evident in the internet. One is represented by mykmu ( ). The long name of this site is Gerbang Tempur Politik Maya Kmu Dot Net.  The other is the Kelab Penyokong Maya UMNO. These two groups seem to have different perspectives about UMNO, even though they are basically representing the party.

Let’s look at mykmu. This is a group/ site that calls it self the true supporters of UMNO.

Here what they think what should be done in the aftermath of the recent elections:

Bahawa saya, Ab Jalil bin Aboo Backer, ahli UMNO bernombor XXXXXXXX (semakan terkahir tiga tahun lalu) memohon agar Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi meletak jawatan secara terhormat sebelum Mesyuarat Agung Cawangan-cawangan UMNO yang akan akan datang.

Tidak perlu berselindung lagi bahawa kekalahan besar Barisan Nasional di lima negeri iaitu Kedah, Perak, Selangor, Pulau Pinang dan Kelantan adalah rentetan ketidakpuasan hati rakyat terhadap dasar ekonomi, pentadbiran dan pelaksanaan Islam Hadhari oleh pentadbiran Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Kekalahan di negeri-negeri pantai barat terutama di kawasan pengundi kaum cina membuktikan perjuangan laman ini dan ramai lagi ahli UMNO serta laman-laman web milik ahli atau penyokong UMNO dan Barisan Nasional sebelum ini.

PETISYEN: Pak Lah Letak Jawatan atau Panggil Perhimpunan Khas

Readers who read this petition can compare this with the recent news in Berita Harian in which it (the article) says that UMNO members are solidly behind the prime minister. See this news item: Kepemimpinan Abdullah diperlukan

So what is happening? Is Berita Harian lying ? Perhaps you should also see one “affiliate” of mykmu –;  this site calls itself UMNO cybertroopers!

Read the postings in And then click to these news items from Utusan:

1. Tiada usaha tukar kepimpinan parti – Najib

2. UMNO Terengganu sokong Abdullah

3. Mukhriz minta pucuk pimpinan dengar suara rakyat

From the looks of it, this site (mykmu and its affiliate) is loyal to Mahathir, our dear previous prime minister who has done so much to Malaysia. (And not to forget, he is also instrumental in encouraging and promoting internet usage in Malaysia). Unfortunately mykmu, by being so loyal to Mahathir have somewhat been out of sync from the two MSM frequently associated with UMNO – Berita Harian and Utusan.

In the next entry – Two Faces of UMNO (2)- kpmu – we look at another site kpmu which is loyal to Abdullah Badawi. The messages from site seems to be more consistent with Berita Harian and Utusan.

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