Vivere Pericoloso – Barisan Rakyat !!! (2)

I have said that Barisan Alternatif  (BA) or Barisan Rakyat (BR) are facing a daunting task in governing the 5 states that the have won in the elections.

The post Vivere Pericoloso – Barisan Rakyat !!! illustrates several problems. The first is that they will face a main stream media that is hostile to them. That is natural, given the state of the Malaysian main stream media today.

Also that post illustrate that the BR has to thread carefully especially when it comes to delivering promises that may be pleasing to one segment of society but not to others. In this case the decisions relating New Economic Policies (NEP) and its successor policies are one type of problem. In that post I said that BR may suffer a Malay backlash if they are not careful. Some people may say what I am saying this. Well… I say this because the opposition needs to think beyond one parliamentary term. I suspect that the issue regarding the NEP will be utilised by UMNO to the fullest extent to win back Malay votes in the future. Yes – the Malays are the majority. Of course, one way to thread this problem is to launch an information campaign that will win over the hearts of Malays with regards to NEP. The BR needs to launch an all out campaign to convince the Malays esp in the rural areas to drop the NEP in favour of a non-raced based affirmative action plan. This is a very tall order given that the mainstream media is not under the control of opposition.

And that is basically what the post Vivere Pericoloso – Barisan Rakyat !!! tries to say. Of course, when blogging in the first instance, that message did not come put… but then again since this is a blog, I can always clarify in future entries…

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