Vivere Pericoloso – Barisan Rakyat !!! (3)

And to continue from the post – Vivere Pericoloso – Barisan Rakyat !!! (2)

Barisan Rakyat is essentially new and inexperienced. So their survivability at this stage is highly suspect. In this regard one aspect of the analysis by John RobertsGovernment election losses in Malaysia signal eruption of deep political crisis offers a sobering reminder:

Anwar declared that the result represented a “new dawn for Malaysia”, declaring: “People want to see justice. I don’t think Malaysian politics will ever be the same again.” At the same time, he warned that the opposition would have to overcome many problems to replace BN.

One of the most glaring problems is the political incompatibility of the largely Chinese-based DAP and PAS which is based on the establishment of Malaysia as an Islamic state. While PAS did not make its demand for an Islamic state part of the campaign, the tensions with DAP have the potential to erupt in the future.

Government election losses in Malaysia signal eruption of deep political crisis

I suppose the last sentence is telling something…

And of course, the analysis by Greg Sheridan in the article Result to reverberate through region from The Australian is not so positive:

It is difficult to know whether the vote for PAS represents a growing trend of conservative and even intolerant Islamism among Malays, or just dissatisfaction with cronyism and corruption of politics and business.

One encouraging sign that it may be the latter is the triumph of the Democratic Action Party in Penang, Abdullah’s home state. The DAP is the polar opposite of PAS. It is avowedly multi-racial but in effect a Chinese party, is unsympathetic to special preferences for Malays and is liberal, even modestly left of centre.

Result to reverberate through region 

It is not so positive based on the language used. And based on that sentence which I bolded.

At this stage, Pas is witholding its ideals for the creation of the Islamic state. Now surely this requires some sacrifice from the DAP and also from PKR.

The question is – to what extent does this give-and-take relationship can last?

I don’t know the answer but… at  this stage the situation is still a big question. So much so that the term vivere pericoloso is apt.

Of course some readers may question why the apparently “negative” outlook.  My response to that is this question – In those states that are controlled by BR, how many are won by 2/3 majority?

What is vivere pericoloso? Just go to this post – The Origin of the phrase – Vivere Pericoloso!


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