Vivere Pericoloso – Barisan Rakyat !!! (4) – UPDATES No 1

This blog post is an update to this post – Vivere Pericoloso – Barisan Rakyat !!! (4)

Here is some blogs which talks about the same issue as in this post: Vivere Pericoloso – Barisan Rakyat !!! (4) . What I do here is to to list down the title of the blog posts and then list out some indicative phrases.

DAP Cracks The Coalition in Perak – 5 days. All it took was 5 days for the opposition coalition to show cracks, and this time, it did not even need Barisan Nasional to help them.

Readers storm Lim Kit Siang blog again. Overwhelming crowd anger with DAP CEC boycott move – Again, Malaysia Internet user has cast their vote. Now on Lim Kit Siang blog.

What is the issue with DAP and PAS?What have the ideology been so indifferent that both parties could not site down and work it out? I am really baffled and really needs to be educated on this.

[1586] Of sir, you are playing a dangerous game – As much as I am disappointed that Raja Nazrin chose to grant the office of the Chief Minister to a Malay councilor from PAS despite DAP’s performance, I believe the appointment is the right move. It is the best way to create a more equal society.

DAP To Boycott Perak MB Swearing-In Ceremony. -I don’t know what prompted the DAP decision to withdraw from the swearing-in ceremony tomorrow. But it seems logical for one to question Kit Siang’s rationale for such an unwise move, especially since the party has already publicly stated that it will accept whatever decision made by His Royal Highness.

This is why I loathe “cooperating” with DAP – Its very sad but I believe that if this situation is not resolved, PAS should consider forming a government with the Barisan Nasional opposition.

The rationale of this posting
Perhaps readers may ask why do I do such a post… Tell you what.. I don’t really know… I suppose tonight, I have some kind of mood to keep updating this blog…

Of course, there is another reason. This is because what is happening may be the worst and biggest blunder that the DAP can inflict to its cousins in the Barisan Rakyat.

As such I take a hell lot of interest in this issue.

And yes, perhaps some time in the near future I like to write about one example of the so-called internet activism or some people might call it the 4th Estate. The 4th estate actually refers to journalists. I suppose we need to coin a new term – the 5th Estate which may refer to the non-elite public with blogs and other civic-minded cyber-identities. But hey, upon some other thoughts the 6th Estate is more appropriate…  Ha ha ha….


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