Sex in the New York City

So what’s happening to the New York governor – Eliot Spitzer ?

I see – he has resigned…


Because he had sex!

Sex? What’s wrong with that?

Because he had sex with a woman… a beautiful woman called – Ashley Alexandra Dupre.

And so….?

Ashley Alexandra Dupre or Kristen is a “high priced prostitute”?
Remember! Prostitution is illegal in New York!

But hey… I thought in the United States – everything goes !… I mean… you know what I mean….!

Ahhh… the United States is one big hypocritical country…. Just imagine this – The United States of Hypocrites

Prostitution is legal in only two places in US. And that too – with caveats. Prostitution is legal only indoors in Rhodes Island. Prostitution is also legal in Nevada, except for designated major cities….


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